Octohead®  can run 3 tools. Each user chooses according to his needs the tools he installs on the system. Parts are made with various industrial technologies. Most important parts of the system are made of metal to ensure the highest rigidity while printing or any operations. Hotends supports are made of nylon.

The basic configuration uses a Hexagon Hotend. This hotend is 100% metal and compatible with M6 Nozzles (Stadard E3D). It is possible to mount other technologies on the toolchanger (Laser, engraving …)


All tools are mounted on a metal swivel head. The motor transmits the rotation Thus, according to the instruction of the user, turning the motor makes the tool change. The anti backlash system removes plays between positions. Thanks to this rotary change, offset between the tools are reduced. The user can switch from one technology to another without disassembling the head of his machine



I have never modified a 3d printer, how do I start with this technology?

We strongly recommend that beginners first learn how to modify a standard FFF printer before attempting the tool-changer system. Indeed tool-changer can be particularly tricky for some settings and requires knowledge about Sclicers, retractions, tool changing Gcodes and the configuration of the firmware. Instructions and settings are indicated in the instructions paper.



Mount & Configuration

Metal mount



Fist, you need to ensure you know how to modify your marlin firmware. You need to ensure that your printer board has at least one stepper driver free. We recommend using electronics with DVR8825. It is also important to check that the assembly can be integrated into your machine by checking the maximum dimensions of the product.

Can I use another hotend or another tool?

The hottend that is supplied by default was chosen because of its small size. We are working on a laser support tool and an universal tool support. Octohead is designed to be modified by users. Thus the user can install the tool he wants on the rotating head.


Which slicer do you recommend?

We strongly recommend using Simplify3D. But it is possible to use other Slicers. For the moment we have planned to continue with Simplify3D.


How do I configure the Toolchanger?

All settings and firmware configuration is indicated on the product manual. From the beginning of the assembly to the configuration of the slicer.